GTA's online game mode is full of lousy faith players or grievers who are just looking to sabotage other players. One of the grievers' most common tactics in this regard is to wait outside the place where players buy , sell, repair and customize their cars and motorbikes.

It often results in cars being blown up the moment a player leaves the changing shop. Let's face it: nobody would want to see that happen. In GTA, you'll lose thousands of in-game dollars if you exchange your car for cash and it blows out.

Griefers in GTA may now have to look for new ways to steal in-game cash:

GTA 5 (Grand Theft Auto V) grievers will now have to go back to the drawing board as Rockstar Games seems to have made a big adjustment to customs in Los Santos. It was done to avoid the grievers from causing chaos and disrupting other players in the online mode of the game.

Previously, grievers would wait outside Los Santos Customs, removing players for fast and simple cash drops as soon as an unaware player came out from a sale with cash. But that tactic could now be a thing of the past,-as mentioned in the Reddit post of a user Mondoblasto when he wrote:
"At first, when I didn't get any cash in hand, I figured the game was screwing me over, but I later realised that my account balance had increased instead."

It is worth noting that the money doesn't appear as a purchase in the Maze Bank app. However, the simple change means that grievers would now have to think about novel ways to steal in-game cash from other online GTA players.

It is currently unclear whether this would or would not be a permanent improvement in the GTA series. But all eyes will switch to the next patch update feature notes that can officially announce the said game change. Releases of the latest patch note update June 11th. Let's see what's going on over there.