Spotted by code digger WABetaInfo, the feature was removed just a few weeks ago when Facebook's Messenger Rooms shortcut was introduced. It undoubtedly caused irritation for those who did not use the video calling option, as the camera shortcut inside the WhatsApp chat sharing sheet has been there for quite a long time now.

You will see the return option with version, which is now being rolling out on the Google Play Store. For those who ask, the Facebook Messenger Rooms shortcut has not been dropped from the chat sharing sheet inside WhatsApp. Rather, it lives alongside the camera, text, gallery, audio, venue, and shortcuts for touch.

Unfortunately, this means that the camera shortcut re-adding actually increases the size of the whatsApp chat share sheet. It's unforgiving but at least the choice has returned to your favorite cross-platform messaging program from a third party. You can see exactly what your system looks like when you updat.

It's also worth noting that this update doesn't seem to address any issues that others people mentioned in group chats with read receipts. It has been an problem for some since version rolled out earlier this month to the users. For now, you'll just have to make do with the camera shortcut return inside WhatsApp's chat sharing panel.As we've reported, you can see the WhatsApp Beta update rolling out now via the Google Play Store. Instead you can do so here if you want to enroll.

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