Zoom has gone from useful video calling apps to an absolute
household name over the last few weeks. Numbers of users have risen
exponentially, as Covid-19 lockout encouraged the public to find new and
innovative ways to enjoy human interaction in digital form – so why should a
VPN help? Zoom's increasingly growing user base (the app has been downloaded to
Google Play store more than 50 million times alone) has also brought more
scrutiny over the service and now concerns are being raised regarding its
privacy policies, hijacker vulnerability and apparent lack of genuine end-to -
end encryption. It is a potentially alarming trend at a time when we are using
our computers and phones to exchange more data with each other than ever


How VPNs can keep you safer online

Quite simply, VPN providers redirect all of your internet
traffic via their own secure servers.

As well as keeping you anonymous and giving you the ability
to switch your IP address to a location virtually anywhere in the world, VPN
services also encrypt all data sent via that traffic end-to - end. The
encryption aspect is important, because it ensures that if a cyber-criminal or
hacker were to access any shared information – say, using public Wi-Fi,
downloading torrents or, even, calling a zoom – it will be totally


Best VPNs for Zoom Security & Safety in 2020

Choosing the best VPN for Zoom is not an easy task, with
hundreds of different VPNs on the market. A suitable VPN keeps your activity
private, minimizes speed and works with all popular devices. Below you can find
Zoom's Best VPN's: