Last week, Google rolled out a major firmware update to the Pixel Buds, adding several new features to the truly wireless earbuds, including a "bass boost" mode, sharing tracking (so you can change the volume on each earbud independently while sharing one with someone), focus notifications, etc. The revised software was also intended to fix the connectivity and audio dropout concerns some early Pixel Buds buyers complained about.

After listening to today's Pixel Buds for a moment, I 'd say Google succeeded at the first bit; bass boost allows for a really real sound quality change if you've been dissatisfied with low-end results before. Yet the wireless reception from the Pixel Buds is still slower than it should be, and the annoying delays to the music persist.

You'll find bass boost under the "tone" segment after downloading the update, which also contains the latest, creative warning options. Toggling it on adds some additional oomph to the lower frequencies. Without overwhelming the minds and higher frequencies, it makes a difference so Google has done a nice job with the EQ tuning

But the updates on networking are not what I had thought
they would be. The Pixel Buds have always worked perfectly when you're just sitting on your sofa or at your desk at school. Yet, with all honesty, during my time analyzing them, I did not find many issues. But Since I have since in the weeks. Once you step outside, the question arises. I recently moved to a quiet street in Brooklyn, and this morning I walked a few blocks to get a feel of how Google has solved the dropout issues of the Pixel Buds. In my knowledge the reaction (deceptive) is no. If I'm holding my phone around chest height, most of these issues will clear up. Yet when it's in my pocket the performance of the Pixel Buds can be a nightmare and less secure than most truly wireless earbuds. Your findings may differ, and I'm seeing comments on Google Pixel subreddit from certain users who run into less dropouts than ever before. However, there's more work to be done and I suspect that Google is finished striving to improve functionality for the Pixel Buds.